Habanero Chilli Sea Salt Flakes

Habanero Chilli Sea Salt Flakes 50g

£5.00 Plus P&P

Habanero Chilli Sea Salt Flakes - the perfect blend of delicious, hot habanero flakes and sea salt. An ideal addittion to all your favourite foods.

A simple combination of the finest sea salt flakes mixed with our delicious, chosen variety of habanero. This simple but super effective seasoning is the perfect way to uplift your dishes and is perfect for adventurous cooks.

We use the big bits of chilli we sieved from our Habanero hot sauce. As a result this means no delicious chilli flakes or chunks are left behind and helps ensure No WASTE! Because here at HATARI, sustainability is at the core of what we do!

Shake these habanero chilli sea salt flakes over everything to elevate and invigorate your food. It packs a pleasant and powerful punch with every single sprinkle. 

Use as a rub on meat or sprinkle onto all your favourite foods to give it a delicious and spicy lift! Delicious on fried eggs, in shakshuka and of course on all your favourite roasted veg.

Our customers have described these Habanero Chilli Sea Salt flakes as:

"Joy in a Jar!"

"The best way to add a ton of flavour with no extra effort"

"My favourite new condiment for sprinkling on almost everything I cook" - But dont just take their word for it!

Nutritional Information

Sea Salt, Habanero Chillies (40%)
(per 100g)
Typical Nutritional Values per 100g:
Energy 1038kJ/249kcal, Fat 0.3g of which Saturates 0.0g, Carbohydrate 23.5g of which Sugars 2.3g, Fibre 13.2g, Protein 10g, Salt 58.7g
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