HATARI Hooch Chilli Sauce

HATARI Hooch Chilli Sauce 150ml

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HATARI Hooch Chilli Sauce - Bird Eye Chillies Mellowed in Rum.

A delicious combination of sparky bird-eye chillies, mellowed in dark rum for feisty. This sauce gives deep and addictive chilli flavours. 

Following my trip to Louisiana, I picked up on the trend of adding spirits to chilli sauces resulting in this amazing flavour fusion. We wanted to keep the HATARI chilli sauce range simple. However simply could not leave out this combination of sparky bird-eye chilli from Thailand and dark rum from the Caribbean. Voila, our Hatari Hooch Chilli Sauce was born.

First we grow our chillies on dedicated partner farms in Tanzania and Senegal. We let our chillies ripen under the hot African sun to peak perfection. Secondly we ferment our chillies to deepen and maximise their flavours before mixing in some apple cider vinegar. Then a small splash of dark rum, Yum! Making this Hatari Hooch Chilli Sauce a sauce like no other you've tried before.

What our tasting panel thought:

"Balanced, fruity and perfect"

"Interesting take on hot sauce with a good amount of heat" 

"This was incredible"

However dont just take their word for it and take your senses on Safari with our rum mellowed bird-eye 'Hooch' chilli sauce!

Nutritional Information

Chilli Mash (Bird Eye Chillies, Salt), Apple Cider Vinegar, Rum (Ethanol), Salt, Stabiliser: Xanthan Gum
(per 100g)
Energy 268kJ/64kcal
Fat 0.8g
Saturates 0.0g
Carbohydrates 11.9g
Sugars 6.6g, Salt 2.7g
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