HATARI Community

Our extended family includes the Feisty women of our Tanzanian farms dedicated to us and the emergent young team in Senegal.  In both East and West their care, dedication and pride have helped us bring the fruits of the farms to you. In a bottle

People are at the heart of our success. The Tanzanian farm has been exporting fresh chillies since 2015 and is run by a very proud women’s team, Sarah manages the office and sales, Anna is farm manager, Jenny the packhouse manager, Elizabeth manages the nursery and Violet the stocks and standards. We are in daily communication with them regarding the fresh chilli sales.  As the HATARI sauce and range grows Tanzania will be looking at more dried and processed goods to ship by container to UK.

Senegal are just starting out, with Khadija managing the nursery and Tidane, BjiGy and Aliou in the field. Near to a village called Roff, 8 miles off the Atlantic coast, called ‘La Petite Cote’ and the villagers are excited to receive the farm and we are delighted to be associated. We work with Fatou Dioff, head lady at Roff, and a force to reckon with. She is on our side.

And then there is the Tomlins family, Mum – Joanna, quietly picks up the pieces and makes it all happen, Annie Mae – product developer and troublesome daughter, Dad – Gary, who does the farming and early supply logistics. There are also Joseph and Rosie, who love the sauces, but are watching from the touch line – as they know Dad & Mae inspired projects can mean trouble and lots of unpaid work!

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