HATARI Development

The 17 UN Development Goals

This is the definition of Development by the UN – the SDGs that company’s measure themselves against.

So March 2022 – this is how HATARI measures up.

Direct Employment of management and staff in Tanzania and Senegal

HATARI through their activities of growing fresh chillies provide direct and year round employment for 15 people in East and West Africa, plus up to 100 jobs as seasonal workers. The season could be as long as 10 months. The Tanzanian farm, established for nearly 8 years, is an enormous part of the local community in Tengeru, Northern Tanzania. Over 95% women who organise themselves into saving and community groups within the farm. This activity is the backbone of revenue for the local community.

Countering local traditions and expectations the management in Tanzania is 100% Women and we are proud that the company thrives. COVID meant that Gary was away from Tanzania for 14 months from March 2020 to May 2021, and the farm just hummed without him. On expressing his delight on his return Anna the farm manager said ‘Did you not think we would not look after the farm while you were away?’

High Value Horticulture leading to Agro-processing

HATARI through their activities of producing chillies and agro-processing in both Tanzania and soon in Senegal is building industry, innovation and infrastructure. Innovations in farming, in processing and handling make part of our reality as we get better at growing, processing and shipping chillies. This is the first step of the dream.

But always development with Attitude

We believe in development through ‘Trade Not Aid’ backed up by the great book ‘Dead Aid’, by Danbisa Moyo, who comes out with guns blazing against the aid industry—calling it not just ineffective, but “malignant.” Despite more than $1 trillion in development aid given to Africa in the past 50 years, she argues that aid has failed to deliver sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction—and has actually made the continent worse off. To remedy this, Moyo presents a road map for Africa to wean itself of aid over the next five years and offers a menu of alternative means of financing development. Trade is at the centre of this, and HATARI will be creating a small part of this trade….and we have not received £1 of donor money since we began – its all from our own pockets!

The Vision - HATARI is a commercial operation which identifies that the development of the communities and environment within which it works as an essential responsibility of operating in Africa.

HATARI Ambition 1 – we are already dealing direct with smallholders so no ‘middlemen’ (they usually are all men!) getting them the best deal and directly encouraging them to farm sustainably and increase provenance for consumers.

We are organising the complete chain ‘Seed to Sauce’ and we want this to become the model for Fair Trade 2.0

Over the next five years, if you keep buying our sauces, we undertake to work on these two SDGs

Climate Action

Continuously reduce our environmental impact and deliver to our customer a year round sauce with the least carbon footprint and the maximum flavour.
Work either directly or with partners on tree planting and plastic reduction.

No Poverty

Develop an outgrower supply from small farmers in rural areas. Africa is a continent of smallholder farmers, which employs about 70% of the workforce and buying raw material in such a way is recognised as the most direct way of putting cash into rural communities. We are giving rural Africa access to international markets.

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