Take your senses on safari with HATARI chilli sauces and chilli pots.

For those who appreciate excellent flavour, thoughtful provenance and an amazing story – this is one adventure you need to have.
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Hot sauce to cool the planet

chilli trees

Our Hatari sauces use single variety chillies, selected for natural fabulous fruity and complex chilli tastes

The Journey from seed to sauce from the 'Boma' to the bottle

chillies with character, flavour and compassion
grown only for our sauces
under african suns, where we wait
and wait ... letting the chillies fully ripen and flavours develop
at the deep red point of perfection we harvest
chillies are fermented to bring out the flavour and mellow the heat
then we put lots and lots into each bottle

No mixing, no messing, watching each step to deliver pure, perfected and passionate sauces to you in a bottle.

Recipe Ideas

Hot Sauce to Cool the Planet

A lot of thought and care has gone into what’s inside our Hatari bottle, we want to tell you of what we plan to do outside the bottle.


HATARI is managing each of the many steps between the Seed and Sauce. From the Boma (Swahili for Field) to the Bottle. We are uniquely placed to make each one an example of sustainability.
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Communities & Hatari Tribe

Our Chilli sauces are a base to bring together the people that grow and help make our sauces with our customers into one big and connected tribe – The HATARI Tribe
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Take Your senses on safari with our sauces