BRAND NEW - Hatari Chilli Sauce Gift Set

Oct 27, 2022
BRAND NEW - Hatari Chilli Sauce Gift Set

The chilli sauce gift set that is perfect for you and your loved ones...

It's that time of year again. As the leaves start falling off the trees and the days are growing shorter… it’s the perfect time to get cosy and start thinking about Christmas! Thinking about the delicious Christmas feast you plan on cooking, the merriment and family time, and of course…. The PRESENTS! Here at Hatari HQ that’s exactly what’s on our minds. We have created a Hatari Chilli Sauce Gift Set with our exciting story of our sustainable farming splashed over the outside and the range of 3 single variety, delicious sauces snuggled inside… because we know one sauce isn’t enough for Christmas, and who likes to wrap weirdly shaped presents anyway? Wrapping a box is far more satisfying than a bottle and of course, unwrapping 3 bottles of sauce is definitely more exciting than unwrapping just the one.

Love Devon, Love Local  

If you Love Devon and Love Local handmade produce, this box is for you! The sauces are hand made by me inside our own custom-built factory. Well, that sounds a little swankier than the reality… My parents are based in Ottery St. Mary, East Devon and we have converted their garage into a little chilli sauce kitchen on our doorstep. It’s here that I mash and ferment the chillies, then cook, sieve, blend and bottle by hand before we label (on a fantastic yet Victorian looking contraption my Dad made in his workshop). We then pop the bottles into the Hatari Chilli Sauce Gift Boxes... ready for the local Farm Shops, Christmas Markets and of course for our website!

Hand made, wooden labelling device in action, labelling a Hatari Mild Chilli sauce bottle. 

Labelling contraption made by Gary.

Are you Epicurious?

 Epicurian is such a fantastic word, and I had no idea what it meant until just the other day. If you are a foody or even curios about the fantastic world of flavours there is to explore… the Hatari Chilli Sauce Gift Set is for you. We focus on flavour from the minute the seed is planted right through until the finished sauce. Having chosen varieties (our chilli heroes Cayenne, Bird Eye and Habanero), that are not only incredibly delicious but also have accessible heat levels we offer you the real fruity and fabulous flavours of chillies without mixing or messing. We keep our ingredients simple, packing far more chilli into each bottle than other sauces on the market and mixing only with a splash of apple cider vinegar we ensure to keep those juicy chilli flavours at the forefront for your tastebuds to explore.

 Chilli Sauce Heads

Now we know the market for macho chilli sauces is rather mad. And although we like to warm things up, we aren’t here to blow your heads off. We enjoy being able to taste our food but also do enjoy the tingly sensation produced by chilli peppers. Capsaicin, the compound which produces the burning sensation, isn’t even a flavour…. It is actually an irritant which produces a warming to burning sensation when exposed to our senses. However, this sneaky irritant actually becomes addictive! Our sauces have varying heat levels ensuring that there is something for everyone in the box. The range also opens up the real flavours of the peppers behind the heat so you’re getting the flavour first and then the fire. Don’t worry though, the heat levels are accessible but if you crave the spicier sauces… our Habanero Hot Sauce is the one for you!


The trickiest people to buy for: Dads and Lads

I’m not sure if this is a general issue for most people, but for me, I always struggle to choose a present for my Dad at Christmas. I find that he never needs anything (because if he does need something, he will just go and buy it himself), he never really wants anything (apart from another tractor for the chilli farm in Senegal) and he can be rather cryptic when trying to quiz him for potential gift ideas. For those that are tricky to buy for, I always find something foody is a great shout and what better than a Hatari Chilli Sauce Gift Set to enjoy? This gift box isn’t only great because of the delicious flavours packed inside for you to enjoy and explore, but you can be assured you are doing something good by buying our gift box too... Check out how you will be doing good here:


So, if you want to delight someone with a delicious Chilli Sauce Gift Set this Christmas, don’t hesitate and grab yours here:

Chilli Sauce Gift Set with the hatari range of chilli sauces

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